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Announcement: To ensure questions regarding Vyrtuous legacy puppy registration, awards certificates and other topics are addressed, we have modified our Contact Us page to include additional subjects to categorize and track these requests. You may also email directly your questions to questions@txliondog.com or questions@vyrtuousridgebacks.com and we will respond as time allows. Thank you for your patience. Your love and support is greatly appreciated as we endeavor to preserve and protect Shawna's vision and the legacy of Vyrtuous Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Vyrtuous Rhodesian Ridgebacks, LLC is located in the greater Dallas, Texas area and founded by Shawna Chastain DVM. Our program is based on two foundation bitches acquired from Rajataru Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Ann Miller is the breeder of our Foundation bitches Ch. Rajataru Kalyan SC TT HIC CGC ROM and Ch. Rajataru Chianti SC CGC. We are forever grateful to have been entrusted with such incredible animals.
Kalie and Respect

We strived to produce healthy, stable, loving dogs. Our dogs are a perfect balance of athleticism, beauty and intelligence. We do not take breeding lightly. Our dogs must first have stable, loving and trustable temperaments. They must also pass stringent health clearances as we test for hip and elbow dysplasia, heart defects, eye problems and thyroid disease. The majority of our dogs chosen for breeding will also have conformation and performance titles. We strongly believe a balanced dog should have titles on both ends.

Ridgeback Videos

"We have been so pleased with Jax that we intend to purchase our next ridgeback from Ms. Walters."

recent stats
  • Top 10 AKC LC: Storm (#1-2013)
  • Top 10 AKC LC: Halo (#5-2013)
  • Top 10 RR: Bentley (#9-2012)
  • Top 10 RR: Bentley (#4-2011)
  • Top 20 RR: Zaka (2008)
  • Bred 27 AKC CH, 7 DC, 6 GCH
  • Bred 2 Best in Specialty Show
  • Bred 5 Specialty - WD/WB