Performance Dogs
Engaging in performance events is not only good for the body and spirit of a Ridgeback, but it deepens the bond and encourages a true partnership between the handler and their dog.

Here at Vyrtuous Rhodesian Ridgebacks, LLC we encourage all of our puppy owners to find a dog sport that suits their family. We lead by example. All of our dogs participate in at least one area of performance competition. The reasons are 2 fold:
  • Classes, practice and competition are times for one on one attention for each of our dogs. The more that we learn together, the more we trust each other and the deeper our understanding and love for each other are.
  • We truly believe that to be a Ridgeback, a dog has to look like a Ridgeback and do what a Ridgeback was meant to do. Our involvement in the conformation side of competition ensures that we produce RR's true to type. More importantly though, we prove the ability and temperaments of our dogs through successes and titles in other areas. In our minds the Ridgeback is first and foremost a companion animal and we want to be sure that we produce the type of dog that will bring pleasure to its owners through undying loyalty, trustworthiness and bodily health.
Let us introduce you to the events that we participate in and you will see for yourself the testimony of the steadfast temperaments, sound structure and natural ability that we strive to produce.

Lure Coursing & Racing
Other Titles & Opportunities